Multimedia projects

Looking beyond borders for the best conservation opportunities in the Northeast

The scientists behind an innovative effort to identify and map a network of priority lands and waters across 13 states give voice to how this project will help change business as usual in conservation.

Music: “Por Supuesto” by Poddingtonbear, from the Free Music Archive, CC BY NC

Army of influence: The behind-the-scenes battle over health care reform

A computer-assisted reporting project on the revolving-door influence in health care reform, in collaboration with The Chicago Tribune newspapers and The Center for Responsive Politics. Students in Northwestern University’s Medill Washington program created a database of the former staff and members of the Senate and House committees involved in health care reform, who now lobby for clients with health care interests.

Graphic: Health care’s lobbying army (PDF)

Elements of faith: A special report on religion and the environment

An in-depth exploration of how religious groups are addressing environmental issues as a matter of faith, examined through the lens of the four elements: earth, air, wind and fire. The project was funded by a grant from the Lily Endowment and distributed by the Religion News Service.

Conservation land behind the headquarters of the Religious Lands Conservancy in Plainville, Mass.
The backyard of the Religious Lands Conservancy’s headquarters in Plainville, Mass.

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